Youth Program

हतो वा प्राप्यसि स्वर्गम्, जित्वा वा भोक्ष्यसे महिम्।
तस्मात् उत्तिष्ठ कौन्तेय युद्धाय कृतनिश्चय:॥

Sanatan Vidyalay

What do we do

SV provides volunteer services for the needy and to the community. These services may take the form of road trips to local NGO’s, old age homes, animal shelters, veteran centers, temples and other religious places, services at local parks, ponds and streams and other natural settings that may need care and help.

There is a specific program for students aged 16+ and above called the ‘Heart Saver initiative’ in association with Saint Peter’s Thyroid and Diabetes Center/SKN-SADERC and American Heart Association.

Indian Culture Hindi School

This program will provide the following

Attend didactic and interactive training for early recognition of critical symptoms and signs of heart attack and stroke and hands only CPR training. Empathy and Knowledge as essential core values.

Youth will be expected to recruit and train minimum of 10 additional people amongst family, friends, community under our supervision. Also, expand their knowledge by additional trainings and service in Blood pressure and Diabetes prevention. Commitment and generosity as core values

service based Community based participatory research- youth must work as a team to conduct well designed impactful heart saver/ Diabetes study ( using modalities that address primary, secondary and teritiary prevention) in their community under supervision. Global Citizenship and Consistent Action for Common Good – as core values.

Sanatan Vidyalay


Other activities are attending guest lectures in academic institutions such as Princeton University with their Hindu Life Programs and in general just hang loose, give and have fun with your peer group.

  • For Who : Ages 13 and above
  • Frequency : 9 events spread approximately 4 weeks apart for 12 months. each event would be for 90-120 minutes excluding travel time. 9 Classes/in door Hindu life activity.
  • When : Preferred timings would be Sunday mornings, but may change for some events. Please refer to the youth calendar
  • What is in it for students : 1. Volunteer Service hours and a certificate from the SKN Foundation. 2. A social event for students to connect with peers in their age group. 3. Put the values of Sanatan Dharma into practice
  • Who else? Parent volunteers : An outdoor activity with your kids and their friends
  • Why Teenage years are formative years of character, seek to ensure that Arya values and character set is infused with the learnings of Dharma at their level in a field and classroom setting
  • Where : We will try for most locations to be in Central Jersey but some Tri State events are possible
  • Parent Volunteer Investment : Time and Gas, Search for locations and things to do.
  • Teacher Volunteer : Ability to inculculate lakshanas, panch maha yajnas, Principles of Dharma, Varna / Ashrama Dharmas – in a non-lecture format through examples and friendly demeanor with youth.

The charge is $100 for the entire year, for the basic event itself, except for times, when things like meals are provided or purchased. In such a case, appropriate fees would be collected at the time of such an event.

A registration is required to be part of the program. Registration fees are $100 for each child for the year.

Guest kids would be permitted for a per event charge of $10. Guests will not receive volunteer hour certificates.

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